AISU is one of the most active Italian cultural association concerned with the history of cities, and one that enjoys strong institutional support from universities, research centres and cultural institutions as well as broader academic engagement. Since the history of cities is multifaceted and plural, AISU is, accordingly, multidisciplinary, inclusive and international, operating in synergy with the European Urban History Association and collaborating with various international networks connecting scholars and researchers around the world.
It is open to all those, regardless of their nationality, who are interested in urban history, cultural heritage and in sharing ideas on the future of cities and territories based on an understanding of their past. It is in this context that AISU seeks to promote scientific research, interdisciplinary and cross-sector dialogue, to stimulate debate in civil society, and, in particular, to support the many young researchers who attend the various activities that it organizes every year. AISU international is open, multidisciplinary and inclusive.