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Turin is a city in constant evolution: from Augusta Taurinorum to the capital of the Savoy Dukedom (1563) until becoming Italy’s first capital (1861), the queen of the automobile industry (1899) and the star of the 2006 Winter Olympics. Today it is being presented with an image that makes it even more appealing. Turin is a city that is just waiting to be discovered in all of its many aspects: filled with historic evidence, acclaimed museums, works of contemporary art en plein air, cultural events, with its characteristic porticos, renowned historical meeting places, its extensive parks and magic places.


  • 1. The first capital of Italy, before Florence and Rome
  • 2. The Egyptian Museum, the second biggest in the world
  • 3. The National Cinema Museum inside the “Mole Antonelliana”
  • 4. The city where the Holy Shroud is conserved
  • 5. The Royal Residences declared by Unesco a Human Heritage Site
  • 6. The city preserving Leonardo da Vinci’s self portrait
  • 7. The capital of contemporary art
  • 8. The city preserving Leonardo da Vinci’s self portrait
  • 9. The city with 18 km of arcades for shopping
  • 10. The capital of taste, chocolate and aperitifs