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Congress fees

In the case of papers presented with joint signature by several speakers, does each of the speakers have to pay the participation fee to the Congress?The participation fee actually covers the out-of-pocket expenses of the Congress: for this reason each participant (speaker or auditor) must pay the participation fee.
Only those who participate in the conference pay, so if some co-authors are not present, they do not pay.
In the case of the possibility of partial participation in the work of the Congress, is there a fractional fee?No. AISU encourages and promotes the participation of speakers in the work of the entire Congress, believing in the value of debate and discussion on a plurality of interdisciplinary issues.

Publication of acts

Is the publication of the paper guaranteed?All accepted extended abstracts (by May 15) will be digitally published with ISBN by the beginning of the Congress (where all deadlines are met by the speaker), as a preliminary outcome and support for the discussion.
In the volume following the Congress (independent of the Congress itself and does not constitute its Proceedings), extended texts of the reports discussed in Turin will be collected (therefore also in this case at least one of the authors must be present, obviously the co-authors will also appear in the publication), subsequently selected by the Scientific Committee and subjected to peer review: the deadline for the texts to be published is 15 December 2022.
To have your report published in the volume, will another participation fee be due?No.
In which magazine or with which publisher will the proceedings be published?The volume that collects the reports presented and discussed at the conference in the form of essays will be published by AISU itself in the Insights series.

Paper presentation

Is it possible for the same speaker to present several papers, in different sessions?Yes, it is admitted, but the AISU does not encourage this practice, which risks being dispersed. The abstract submission form requires you to report any adhesion to multiple sessions, in order to allow an exchange between the coordinators of the different sessions and the Scientific Committee.
Is the use of the notes in the abstract uploaded on the Congress platform allowed?The use of footnotes is not envisaged, but bibliographic references can be inserted, following the editorial rules provided by the AISU series and available on the Congress website.

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