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Macrosession 1. Adaptiveness and Change. Crisis and new beginnings.

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Committee: Marta Bottero (Politecnico di Torino – DIST), Carla Di Francesco (Fondazione Scuola dei Beni e delle Attività Culturali), Marco Folin (Università di Genova), Heleni Porfyriou (CNR – ISPC – Roma), Guido Zucconi (Università Iuav di Venezia).

Reporting: Guido Zucconi (Università IUAV di Venezia).

Great changes represent important watersheds to investigate the degree of urban adaptiveness. Big politico-economic and technological changes have deeply influenced the development of cities, peoples’ perception of them and urban historiography. The aim of this macrosession is to deal with similar disruptive changes throughout history (both in theoretical terms and through case studies) to the present from a comparative perspective and through a multidisciplinary understanding of urban studies.
How have cities reacted to changes of different kinds? We call for a comprehensive understanding of sudden changes of status due to dramatic events such as revolutions, wars, political transformations, natural or human provoked catastrophes. We especially suggest dealing with comparative perspectives but in a heterogeneous historical and geographical context (e.g. Mediterranean after the discovery of America, eastern Europe after the Soviet Union collapse, pandemics in specific regions and periods), see whether big crisis has given place to a new starting point and condition. Could it be a matter of crisis, standstill, or, on the contrary, of new beginnings, in a general framework of recovery. How has such a new condition manifested in several aspects, such as physical socio-economic, associated to the collective memory and controversial legacy of the recent past or on the heritage perception.

More specifically the macrosession will include (but it will not be limited to):